Friday, June 11, 2010 off and running!!

I know I have not been keeping up with my blogs as I should, just been so darned busy. I have finally launched my latest enterprise and this whole month has been full of details and lots of work. If you haven't checked out Bonzmerchant yet, drop on over and see what I can do for you!

So, what's new:
I have developed and redeveloped the FAQ section and even added a second page for all your questions. I've done my best to anticipate and answer your questions about Bonzmerchant, how it works, WHY it works, what it can do for you, etc. Please read through the FAQ and then if you still have questions, feel free to email me at
I have made the TOS printable. I have very few rules, and in fact they mostly center around public decency and intellectual property rights. Most of my TOS mirror the web host's TOS that I myself have to abide by, so it's nothing unusual.
I have set up a scheduling page or the "Queue" so I can plan my work and coordinate with my day job as well as my personal life. Start dates are approximate: Life happens.

I am a little behind but catching up. Had to deal with some technical issues: my own fault cos it didn’t occur to me to ask one client where her graphics came from and I know better! Still that artist did NOT have to be so nasty about it! Now I make a point to ask no matter what. As it turned out, the complainant didn't even OWN the artwork in question, it is owned by OutlawbyDesign, from whom I obtained written permission to use the little fairy in question. A nicer person you will never meet! And I will be working with her again to be sure. I did NOT use this client's banner to begin with because it was totally unuseable, very distorted and full of "noise", what we call "dithering", so I had to go to the original fairy image to create a new banner from scratch. It did come out rather nice if I do say so.

I absolutely respect other artists’ copyrights and if I EVER make a website with something that belongs to YOU and neglect to give you credit, PLEASE contact me directly and I will fix it immediately. My personal integrity is very important to me and I want you to always know that I take your intellectual property rights very seriously. Be NICE about it: if I did it, it was not intentional.

I would never intentionally use another artist’s work without permission. I do get “public domain” stuff from the internet and I have paid memberships in several Royalty Free graphics sites including Animation Factory and Outlaw by Design, among others. AND I have my own extensive library of graphics which I have license to use. I usually significantly alter the graphics I use anyway to make them match whatever I am doing so often what you see is literally my own creation in whole or in part.

If I make a website for you, PLEASE tell me before I start who made your banner or avatar or anything else you might like me to use so I can give proper respect to the creator of those items. I will ask you, but if I forget, tell me anyway.

If you want a website, please email me and I'll put you in the queue.
While you are waiting I need specific things from you that you can be gathering to make the job go quicker. I need first to know who made your graphics, and I need to know what graphics and colors you prefer. If you want something different than what is in your booth, do your best to describe it for me. If you have seen something you like on the web, send me the URL and I can use it for inspiration (again I will NOT take another arist's work but I can often see HOW they made a thing and can usually do something similar for you in my own style).
You do NOT have to know or DO anything technical, that's MY job. All you need to do is maintain your Bonanzle Booth, I do the rest.

I will need 30-40 GOOD key words to use for your metatags -- again you don't have to know what metatags are, I do, but YOU need to provide them to me because YOU are the expert on what products you sell. I also need to know 5-6 categories of items for your page feeds: Your "product pages" come from your Bonanzle RSS content. If you don't understand what that is, it's OK, I do. However I need 5-6 categories that correspond either to Bonanzles built-in categories OR to your Custom Booth categories because that is the only way the RSS content can be gathered into your pages. I cannot combine categories on a page and you really do not want more than 5-6 categories (most I have done is 10) because it gets too deep for the average customer to peruse. The objective is SIMPLICITY so keep it simple. 5-6 categories of 20-100 items each is best.