Friday, December 30, 2011

For a New Year: 2012

I'm not much into "resolutions". One can resolve many things but without the power and resources to accomplish those goals, it's pretty much pointless. Comes to mind that familiar prayer, co-opted by twelve-steppers but actually crucial for any being with a soul to carry in their heart and mind as they wear through the days: God give me the SERENITY to accept those things I cannot change, The COURAGE to change that which I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference.

In the end it usually comes down to that Higher Power, whatever you believe him/her/it/them to be. If you don't believe there is something outside of yourself, whether you believe in God, little green men from Mars, a creeping red fungus or a six foot tall invisible rabbit you call Harvey, then you are pretty much lost before you begin. But I digress.

My WILL, wishes, desire for the coming year, my ask of my Guardian spirits whatever they may be, would be first for that Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom cited above. That much seems pretty comprehensive to me, a good starting point for any journey. Beyond that, give me agility and foreknowlege to sidestep and avoid the bullies in the world, because it has been my life experience that in most cases, the bullies generally win, and they are everywhere.  When necessary give me the strength and resources and many allies to stand against the bullies and win. Give me the inner strength to resist the efforts of negative and abusive people to pull me down into that morass of depression they would drag me into for their own entertainmant. Give me a clear head and a sound body. Give me imagination and creativity (imagination being the thought and creativity being the action) and the wherewithall to see my creative longings manifest. Allow me to stay employed and to be able to keep my little house I have waited so long to have. Guardians, help me to remember kindness, even in the face of cruelty, and to think before I speak or act so that I don't add to the misery in the world.

I probably wish for a lot more but that covers most of it. I of course wish for my George to become healthy and stronger emotionally, for him to find something to be passionate about and kick his depression (this is the longest one I've seen him in, since May without break), to maybe get a little part time job where he can interact with people (he likes people) and be out of the house. I wish I could find a way to attain ownership of the tiny strip of land next to my home so that I can protect this little wetland from potential developers who would kill it -- a big wish, probably too big, but I can wish it anyway.
Stranger things have happened when you turn them over to that Higher Power. OTOH I'm still waiting for World Peace ... the cure for cancer, AIDS, famine ...
Containing my list of asks of my Guardian spirits to my own immediate corner of the world for now. Tomorrow the Omniverse.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One step closer

I sign the final papers for my new home tomorrow, and then if all goes well I can take possession Tuesday. THEN I have a ton of work to make the place habitable before I can move in, and a timeline of just 8 weeks.

First all the electric heaters need to be replaced as they are over 20 years old and 2 are known to be bad. Then the adoreable imported (from Ireland) kitchen wood stove needs to be completely cleaned out along with the chimney it is attached to, as it has never (and I mean never) been cleaned -- there is a dead baby duck in the cleanout and ash just came POURING out of the cleanout door when I opened it, plus the stove itself is so crudded with creosote I only hope the chimney guy can actually make it servicable again.

After that, all the totally unfinished soft fir wood floors need to be sanded and finished, and two of the three bathrooms need work just to make them useable. Of course the whole place needs all walls washed and painted before I can move anything in. And apparently there is a problem with the septic pump -- we had septic back in Florida and we didn't have "pumps" in those, but apparently up here there is a pump between the tank and the drainfield, and this one is possibly broken.

Oh and the driveway looks like a mine field AFTER all the mines were blown, so I need to have that re-gravelled before I can do much as any car or truck that has any weight to it will just get stuck and never make it to the house (as well as block the way for the next victim). Then a bunch of other things I can put on a longer timeline like the leaky roof and the exterior painting, the broken window in my garage loft, doors that need replaced, a shed that needs demo'd and a huge pile of debris I need to pay to have hauled off, and the list goes on and on.

But it's all good ... I hope.

And it all starts tomorrow with the signing.

I haven't forgotten all my Bonanza customers, I am just way overwhelmed right now.
I shall return!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

WOO HOO Got it!


Day before Christmas I was looking through the MLS listings as I have been for months, and had set my filter to show homes that had been reduced in the previous 7 days. Suddenly out of the blue this huge property I had bookmarked and filed away as impossible because it was soooo beyond my means came up as like $80,000 reduction, not only within my means but COMFORTABLY so. I dropped everything and drove out to see it, in the freezing rain. Walked around, looked really interesting, called my agent and let her know I wanted to see it after Christmas. Meanwhile, on Christmas DAY I took my significant other, who after all would also be living there, to see it and we discovered even more to love about the place. Did the official look-see a couple days later then brought S.O. in with me for a second interior look next day and made offer, which included a seller assist for virtually all the closing costs except my down payment. And they accepted it!

It's a bank-owned home, so they just want to unload it and cut their losses.  We are in the 'accepted pending inspection' phase right now, waiting on the seller to "de-winterize" the place (ie turn the water on) so we can do the formal inspection, and then I am sure a few other kinds of things before we can actually close on the thing.

It's a fixer, no question, but so far my personal inspection shows mostly cosmetic stuff. Still I will be quite busy doing these reno projects for several weeks after I close so I have put my Bonanza products on RESERVE for the time being (didn't want to put the whole place on vacation because I want to still be available for b-mails and to build websites in the evenings if I get time, I have made people wait a long time already).

One pic to give an idea. Will post before/afters of the reno in a few months:

Now THAT is a real Conjurewoman's Cottage!!