Thursday, January 13, 2011

WOO HOO Got it!


Day before Christmas I was looking through the MLS listings as I have been for months, and had set my filter to show homes that had been reduced in the previous 7 days. Suddenly out of the blue this huge property I had bookmarked and filed away as impossible because it was soooo beyond my means came up as like $80,000 reduction, not only within my means but COMFORTABLY so. I dropped everything and drove out to see it, in the freezing rain. Walked around, looked really interesting, called my agent and let her know I wanted to see it after Christmas. Meanwhile, on Christmas DAY I took my significant other, who after all would also be living there, to see it and we discovered even more to love about the place. Did the official look-see a couple days later then brought S.O. in with me for a second interior look next day and made offer, which included a seller assist for virtually all the closing costs except my down payment. And they accepted it!

It's a bank-owned home, so they just want to unload it and cut their losses.  We are in the 'accepted pending inspection' phase right now, waiting on the seller to "de-winterize" the place (ie turn the water on) so we can do the formal inspection, and then I am sure a few other kinds of things before we can actually close on the thing.

It's a fixer, no question, but so far my personal inspection shows mostly cosmetic stuff. Still I will be quite busy doing these reno projects for several weeks after I close so I have put my Bonanza products on RESERVE for the time being (didn't want to put the whole place on vacation because I want to still be available for b-mails and to build websites in the evenings if I get time, I have made people wait a long time already).

One pic to give an idea. Will post before/afters of the reno in a few months:

Now THAT is a real Conjurewoman's Cottage!!