Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One step closer

I sign the final papers for my new home tomorrow, and then if all goes well I can take possession Tuesday. THEN I have a ton of work to make the place habitable before I can move in, and a timeline of just 8 weeks.

First all the electric heaters need to be replaced as they are over 20 years old and 2 are known to be bad. Then the adoreable imported (from Ireland) kitchen wood stove needs to be completely cleaned out along with the chimney it is attached to, as it has never (and I mean never) been cleaned -- there is a dead baby duck in the cleanout and ash just came POURING out of the cleanout door when I opened it, plus the stove itself is so crudded with creosote I only hope the chimney guy can actually make it servicable again.

After that, all the totally unfinished soft fir wood floors need to be sanded and finished, and two of the three bathrooms need work just to make them useable. Of course the whole place needs all walls washed and painted before I can move anything in. And apparently there is a problem with the septic pump -- we had septic back in Florida and we didn't have "pumps" in those, but apparently up here there is a pump between the tank and the drainfield, and this one is possibly broken.

Oh and the driveway looks like a mine field AFTER all the mines were blown, so I need to have that re-gravelled before I can do much as any car or truck that has any weight to it will just get stuck and never make it to the house (as well as block the way for the next victim). Then a bunch of other things I can put on a longer timeline like the leaky roof and the exterior painting, the broken window in my garage loft, doors that need replaced, a shed that needs demo'd and a huge pile of debris I need to pay to have hauled off, and the list goes on and on.

But it's all good ... I hope.

And it all starts tomorrow with the signing.

I haven't forgotten all my Bonanza customers, I am just way overwhelmed right now.
I shall return!